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I’m Diana, I am a 30 something wife to a funny nerd and mom to a wild and loving little boy who loves me even at my worst and has given my life so much more meaning. Mom life brings me immense JOY everyday, even when I am in the trenches of motherHOOD. My goal in this life to capture those days, the good and bad, because the time we have with our little people is ever so fleeting.

When I'm not mommin' or being a rebel work from home wife, I am a photographer, photography fills a part of my soul that I never knew needed filling. This part of my life brings me peace and as much JOY as motherhood, it's almost a spiritual experience taking you and your family out on a adventure to have some fun, tell your story be that what it may to chase that beautiful light and feel HIS peace all around us.

Some other fun facts about me, I am a born and raised Californian, hippy background and all! I have a HUGE family who loves me even though I always forget to check in. I have some AMAZING girlfriends who I consider family, these women empower me every time we have our long talks, wild bbq’s or crazy camping trips. I love the ocean and the mountains, no matter what the conditions as long as there is good food and drink!


All of my family pictures below were taken by my good friend Laurel Z.