About Me

Hi, I am Diana! Mother, daughter, friend, co parent and photographer extraordinaire! Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me.

From the moment I picked up my cheapie disposable camera when I was 8 years old I have wanted to create art! As I got older I felt called to share timeless stories and capture the beauty even when there is chaos all around. Fast forward 20ish years later, I decided to turn that passion into a career and lifestyle.

I live where I grew up, in the east bay area of California with my son, our mini golden doodle and a grumpy feral rescue cat. I love California with all of my heart and will probably never leave. Even with the craziness going on in the world of politics, where else can you go to the Sierras and the Beach in one day? No where that I know of!

Like many others 2020 & 2021 cracked me open. Towards the end of 2020 I found myself so burnt out that I was pouring my pain, anger and discomfort onto those around me. I hit my true rock bottom and questioned why am I even here? Well instead of letting my thoughts get the best of me, I put my big girl panties on and got the help I needed. This one pivotal moment propelled me into the person that I am today. I think the best way to describe it is like this: my soul split open so that all the brokenness and trauma could pour out. From there I was able to see the real me and little by little I healed and stitched my soul back together. I am still a work in progress but everyday gets a little bit easier and I grow a little bit stronger. I find peace in being transparent with my story, so if you ever want to know more just ask.


My Approach

My purpose is to make you  see the bigger picture through beautiful art. I want your session with me to paint a picture of your story when the light transforms the darkness. I want your session with me to leave you a little more in love with each other, with nature and/or your own space once more. So when you receive your gallery you are forever reminded of the immense love that surrounds you and fills your soul. I am not your average photographer though, so be warned. I am fully immersed in your session from start to finish. From the planning process to the actual day of the shoot I am here for you! I want your family to feel comfortable and loved, no stuffy stuff around here friends. So the day of your session be prepared for anything, dirty feet, wet clothes or all the above because mama I am here for the adventure and to have you all enjoy an hour of fun with me. 

Thank you so much for finding your way here. Whether you have been recommended by a friend, found me on social media, or searched your way through seemingly hundreds of other talented photographers to find your way here, I am so grateful for the chance to connect with you.

“This is the season she will make beautiful things. Not Perfect things but honest things that speak to who she is called to be.”
– Morgan Harper Nichols


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