About Me

Hey I’m Diana, I literally live for my morning coffee and until that caffeine kicks in you can  find me chilling on the couch watching netflix cuddling with my sweet little man Hudson and our cat Remy. I’m married to a really funny guy named Kenny, he is a super nerd but you would never know when looking at him, because he is a big burly dude. Haha. Between him and Hudson I am always kept on my toes, trying to balance that mom, wife, photographer life. To keep myself sane we go camping a lot, most people think we are crazy but being in nature resets my mind and softens my soul. Be it mountains, beach or desert JUST as long as we have good company, food and drink, we BE happy.

When we are not out adventuring I usually enjoy listening to a good book or true crime podcasts, organizing my life or playing with an endless collection of dinosaurs (thanks hudson) I am not always the best about documenting my own day to day life but when I do I make the most of it. Photography has helped me in so many ways find my voice in this wild world, the way I view light helps me turn the dark areas into light so each time I pick up my camera and make art because it makes my soul happy.


My Approach

My purpose is to make all ya all to see the bigger picture through beautiful art. I want your session with me to paint a picture of your story when the light transforms the darkness. I want your session with me to leave you a little more in love with each other, with nature and/or your own space once more. So when you receive your gallery you are forever reminded of the immense love that surrounds you and fills your soul. I am not your average photographer though, so be warned. I am fully immersed in your session from start to finish. From the planning process to the actual day of the shoot I am here for you! I want your family to feel comfortable and loved, no stuffy stuff around here friends. So the day of your session be prepared for anything, dirty feet, wet clothes or all the above because mama I am here for the adventure and to have you all enjoy an hour of fun with me. 

Thank you so much for finding your way here. Whether you have been recommended by a friend, found me on social media, or searched your way through seemingly hundreds of other talented photographers to find your way here, I am so grateful for the chance to connect with you.

“This is the season she will make beautiful things. Not Perfect things but honest things that speak to who she is called to be.”
– Morgan Harper Nichols


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