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Interview with myself

My name is Diana, I was born and raised in Northern California, loved it so much, I never left. I am glad I stayed, because I’m finding it is one of the most beautiful places ever! (maybe a little biased). One of my biggest goals this year was to blog more and actually write out some posts so that my clients new and old can get to know me and the stories behind my sessions better. As a starting place to get to better know me, I am going to interview myself, cheesy I know, but hey it fits with my personality!

What do you do when you’re not being an amazing photographer?

Well the most important thing I do is take care of my almost 3 year old. he is the light of my life and I spend day in and out with this wild little dude, who loves me even when I am at my worst. I am also married to an awesome guy, he is always putting up with my crazy ideas and fixing my computer problems so for me its a win win. We love adventure and being in nature so we try to go camping or take day trips often.

When did you first pick up the camera? why?
The 1st time I picked up a camera was when I was a child in my local 4-H program, I remember going on nature walks in Yosemite, Stanislaus National Forest, and Mount Diablo. I took photos of everything with my film camera. I have no idea where that camera is now, but that is where I started. I also remember using disposable cameras (anybody else remember that sound of winding the camera for the next shot?), and I remember playing with my mom’s film camera.  Getting to where I am now, I’ve moved into the direction of digital photography. When I am taking photos I see the beauty this world has to offer and that brings me immense joy.

How long have you been doing photography?
I have been in business for a few years now, though my journey began back in 2012 when my husband bought me a DSLR Canon Rebel t3i. when I got that camera I dove into learning everything I could about digital photography and photographed every single one of my friends and their events to learn.

Were there any struggles getting started?
There are always struggles along the way, but I think my most troubling struggles have been technology, I have had a laundry list of crazy technology things happen to me since I started my business (including one day I accidentally deleted my whole website). I would also say learning how to conduct a photo shoot was a challenge. since I was self taught, I would just wing it and then have to deal with photos that did not feed my soul at the end.

What motivates/inspires you?
I gain most of my inspiration from my son. motherhood has been the best thing that has ever happened to me and every snuggly loving moment I have with him, I think how beautiful it would be to have this captured. Another huge inspiration is nature, we live in a beautiful world it just takes a good photo to capture its essence and let all of the negatives fall away. I believe that my faith is a huge inspiration, in today’s times most people just focus on the dark stuff, I think the light is what needs to be captured most and shared with the world.

 What is your favorite type of photography?
I would say that my favorite type of photography is motherhood, family and maternity photography. these types of photography bring me so much joy and fill my cup.

What are some things we can see in the coming year for Diana Christine Photography?

Well, first off, you will see lots of travel, hopefully. I love traveling and discovering new places along the way. 1st stop this year will be Dallas, Joshua Tree, Mammoth Lakes, Lake Tahoe and a few more. New to this year is the sunflower motherhood sessions. Pushing a photo shoot into something more, this session will include pampering, champagne, and beautiful art with your sweet babies. stay tuned for more information by getting on my email list. (special tip: Sunflower Sessions will go on sale in March, 2019 so get on the email list quick by filling out the info at the bottom of the screen!)


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