birth, a beautiful miracle// birth// Walnut Creek, California

I got the text at 7ish pm, “Diana, I think I’m in labor.” I ran into the office, told my hubby the plan, packed my things, made some tea, loaded up and headed out to Walnut Creek. While I waited for the labor to pick up I worked on some classes @theunraveledacademy.

When things picked up and they were ready for me, I was brought into the room. This was my first birth session, and I wasn’t sure of what it would bring. It was so peaceful, a beautiful calm. I was in awe the entire time as I clicked away, watching behind the view finder. Watching Julie’s strength throughout her labor inspired me so greatly. It. Was. Surreal.

Watching her husband Kyle, deliver their sweet baby to Julie’s hands was incredible, they went their whole pregnancy not knowing the gender of their sweet babe, so when Kyle said out loud “It is a girl” we all all cheered and cried tears of joy! The whole experience was incredible and I cannot wait to do more birth stories in the coming year.



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