the dress that has no bounds// travelling dress// Walnut Creek, California

Hey Loves,

Gahhh I am sorry I have been so MIA, I have been caught up by my own life and it’s challenges lately. But slowly but surely I am getting back to it.

I recently had the chance to sign up and participate in a travelling dress project. After a long busy season my creativity seemed to be suffering from the demands of running a business, so I signed up and started to plan quite a few sessions with this dress. I planned these sessions to be a little different and less polished than what I was used to. I wanted a challenge and to push myself creatively.

My first session with the dress I was envisioning foggy morning conditions, but the morning I was able to have a model for the shoot, the weather was clear and beautiful. So this session taught me to push through even though some of the conditions are out of my control. I am glad that I did because this session was trans-formative for me and my model, she was able to see herself in a more beautiful and powerful light and to me that overcomes any other feelings I had for the session.

Doing a traveling dress project might seem daunting, but if you look at it as a dress that has no boundaries, and when you have no boundaries you can create, just to create. That is powerful for an artist.

I have quite a few other sessions from this project so I will be sharing those with you in the next couple weeks, so please stay tuned!




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