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Hey Babes,

I absolutely love travelling from the time I was little my family was always on the go, trips up highway 4 to get lost in the forest, many trips to the coast and all the summers spent running around South Lake Tahoe. A total California dream.

I am forever thankful for my upbringing, and I try my hardest to give my son the same adventures I experienced. When I knew that I wanted to take my photography journey further than being a “local” photographer, I branched off into my own form of travel photography where I take my wonderful clients to explore areas that are new or oh so familiar to me.  This type of photography excites me to my core, and has me living a life of severe wanderlust. Because I want to TRAVEL everywhere and capture memories along the way!

Like this wonderful trip to Seattle, this sweet couple (now a family of 3) found me on Instagram and got my vision immediately. These kind of clients get me and it literally sets my soul on fire with a deep passion for photography.

So back in April I packed up my family and we flew out to Seattle for an extended weekend. It was a total shit show, because Hudson of course caught a bug and had a high fever for 2 days while we were there. But all in all we persevered with lots of Tylenol and fluids and kept our travel plans somewhat intact. Hudson was trooper the whole time and literally slept the whole day as we drove around Seattle and explored.

This wasn’t my 1st time to Seattle, but it was the 1st time I was shooting a session in Seattle so I had to do a bunch of research ahead of time. I google mapped out a few promising spots and as soon as our feet hit the floor we were off. Our 1st day there we drove all around like almost 8 hours trying to find the perfect spots. The 1st spot we checked out was Snoqualmie Falls, it was so magical but it was so wet and slippery I was afraid on having my preggo mama do the climb. The next spot we hit up was Rattlesnake lake, this spot was epic, and ultimately what I ended up using because of its majestic beauty.

The day of the session, I checked the weather report & in good old Seattle fashion RAIN was foretasted for the whole day! I freaked out a bit but made the most of the day & adventured through Pike Place Market for some family fun. We shopped, ate yummy pizza, had some good beers and stopped for a couple family selfies. It turned out to be the perfect morning and I was recharged and ready to take on anything the weather threw at me.

As we drove to the session that evening it was pouring rain, like dumping buckets. I put on my rain coat, pulled the rain cover over my camera, said a prayer then headed out to make magic. This couple fully embraced the Seattle weather and we explored all around Rattlesnake lake the best that we could. After 30 minutes of shooting in the downpour rain the clouds started to part and little patches of blue skies peaked through. My heart skipped a beat and I knew this was going to end up magical AF and oh how it did. I literally cried. Tears of joy, tears of strength, tears of this pinch me moment that I am living in my literal dreams, with my family by my side. This journey of being a photographer, artist or whatever, is not always the easiest so in that split moment when all the things come together and remind of how blessed you are it can be super emotional, in a good way.

If a travel session is something you are interested in, it is not as daunting as you imagine, and it will be an amazing experience no matter what! In fact I will be in South Lake Tahoe from June 30th- July 7th so if that is something that interests you let me know and we can plan something epic!

Here are some pictures from that magical session in Seattle, my wonderful mamas dresses were from nordstrom and reclamation design company.


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