Preparing for Sunflower Season, bucket full of sunflower seeds


Never in a million years would I think that my childhood home would be where I make beautiful timeless art. We always grew up with Mom’s sunflowers all over the yard and we always admired their beauty, but only from afar and in driving-by because they were always just a part of our life every summer. 

It was 2 years ago when I planned a personal project and racked my brain on where I would take the famed “sunflower” photos that I was dreaming about. I racked it so hard that I drove all the way out to Dixon, California to find the perfect field, but quickly realized all the space out there would lead to trespassing and that honestly has never been my style. Nor did I want to damage any crops for hard working farmers in that area. So the next day we went over to my parents’ for dinner, and low and behold there was the sunflower field right in my parents’ front yard that I had forgotten about.  I walked through the plants and quickly realized this was the space I needed to use. 

The next day I had my sweet friend come over for a motherhood session in the flowers. It felt so surreal that I was sitting on this golden field of beautiful flowers and had never thought to use them before then. During this Motherhood Session, I dropped to my knees and weeped, all while taking photos that moved my soul and filled my creative inner child. I knew in that moment right there that I was where I needed to be and solidified my need for this craft. 

Now that you know that part of the back story, I want to share with you what goes into preparing these fields. My parents typically do the planting, but this year we got involved as well, We planted over 50,000 seeds! It was soo incredible! We threw them on the ground and my dad disked them in with our tractor. 

If you would like more information about booking one of these limited edition sessions please subscribe to my mailing list as they will be offered to everyone on that list starting May 1st. The sunflower fields make a beautiful background for any type of photo session, Motherhood, Family, Senior, Childhood Milestones, and even personal branding photos for the self employed or anyone doing the side hustle life!


xoxo, Diana



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