you will always be remembered sweet Elijah

trigger warning: I wanted to share this series of maternity photos to honor this mama’s sweet baby Elijah that passed away about a month ago. This sweet mama has been through a living hell recently as she lost her baby boy when he was just 11 weeks old to a selfish crime committed by his father. This mama had a tough pregnancy, and actually went into labor the same day we took these photos 6 weeks before her due date. She had a rough road ahead as having a baby in NICU is hard on everyone, especially mama. Elijah was resilient and Mackenzie was able to spend 3 weeks in he hospital and 9 blissful weeks at home with her sweet baby boy as she navigated the early days of motherhood. Until it was all ripped away from her in a split second. This is just the start of this mothers journey as now she has to face the father during court as she stand for justice for her sweet baby! Please pray for this mama as she mourns this unfathomable loss of her sweet baby boy, Elijah.


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