How I Style My Curvy Mamas

Photo credit: Stormy Solis 

How do I style my curvy mama client? I see this question being asked daily in facebook groups.  Well I am here to answer this most coveted question! 


All moms deserve clothing that fits and beautiful photos with those that they love. As a plus size woman myself, it sometimes feels daunting being in front of the camera. We all have deep rooted insecurities that society has imprinted on us over our lifetime, that we are not beautiful unless we are fit and small. At least that was my take on it for a very long time. I have always been considered “big boned” but after the birth of my son the 70lbs of baby weight just seemed to stick like glue. I definitely have struggled with my weight but instead of hating my body, I have decided to embrace it and to love my body no matter what size I am. So I am here at 33, embracing who I am and loving myself despite the deep rooted insecurities I picked up along the way! And ya know what? I want to look beautiful just like all of the other picture perfect women out there.


So here are some of my best tips to finding the right clothing for you as a curvy mama, or your client:

Look up different clothing brands by searching in blogs

Just a simple search like, plus size clothing brands will bring up a plethora of good brands that you could check out.

My personal online favs are Hazel + Folk Boutique and Vagary for curvy mama dresses!

Stay away from bold prints and wild colors

A lot of plus size dresses these days are bright and oozing with boldness, like bold patterns and neon colors. But those types of dresses do NOT photograph well. Keep to neutral colors and small prints if you or your client is into prints. 

Be encouraging and offer help

Sometimes our clients have no idea where to even begin and probably feel overwhelmed like nothing is going to fit them right. So offer to help with shopping, be kind and show support no matter what. 

If you want to learn more about styling curvy mama’s head over to my friend Stormy Solis, All Heart Access summer lesson where I teach more about styling curvy mama’s and she shares her heart on how she photographed my own family as a curvy mama. 

You can also contact me here if you have any questions about my client wardrobe and what I offer!

How to style curvy mamas
how to style curvy mamas
how to style curvy mamas


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