5 Reasons to Book Your Family Photographer in Advance

So you know you want to have family portraits done, or maybe maternity photos done. The thought crosses your mind and you make a mental note about it. Time starts to fly by and all the suddenly it’s the time you wanted to do your session! You reach out to your local photographers and they are all booked! You now have to choose with settling with a photographer you aren’t familiar with, or postponing your session. Which, often can’t happen if they’re maternity photos. This. This is why you need to book your photographer as soon as you know you want to do pictures! I have people inquire with me often hoping for a session now, and unfortunately, I am entirely booked! So today we’re talking about it with my top 5 reasons why you should book your family photographer in advance: 

1. You may not get the fall photos you were hoping for.

My most popular time for inquiries is the fall. Many families start thinking about holiday cards once the business of summer has settled down. The problem is, fall is only about a good two and a half months in duration and it is just too hard to fit in everyone who inquires with me! I am typically booked for fall come September. So, if you are knowing you want holiday cards with fall photos on them, plan to book your session 4-6 months in advance to guarantee a spot. 

2. You have better chances of scoring a weekend date when you book well in advance.

Most photographers, including myself, have limited weekend spots available. This is either due to weddings or needing that time for family. The problem is, it’s the most sought after time of week because let’s face it, families are busy too! If a week night simply doesn’t work for you, I suggest booking well in advance to lock in a weekend date with your photographer. 

3. It gives your photographer some ease.

By booking out in advance, it gives your photographer some peace of mind knowing they have sessions scheduled in advance. It is really difficult for photographers to be in the thick of busy season and still trying to promote their services during it. Your photographer likes knowing what is on their calendar for the months to come! 

4. Gives us plenty of time to plan for your session.

When you book a session with me, I am helping you every step of the way. I offer styling and access to a large wardrobe when booking with me! It’s a nice perk for sure and I like for my clients to have ample time to consider and plan for their session. When you book 4-6 months in advance, you have plently of time to plan your outfits, and save money too if you need to. 

5. Never a worry.

Booking in advance ensures you will have time to order holiday cards, and any prints you are wanting to gift or hang around the home. Christmas is that time where we always are wanting to make our home cozy. Hanging up prints is the best way to do so! I provide top-notch, high quality print options that ship quickly, so that’s another bonus working with me and something you should ask any photographer you work with. 


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