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What are my experience sessions?

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2022 has been the year to welcome new changes. I’ve had some huge hurdles to jump through since 2020, both in my work life and personal life. After taking the month of December to reflect and revamp, I decided to change what I offer for my sessions to better fit my vision for photography, and how I desire to capture peoples’ stories. Keep reading to hear more about my experience sessions and how you can get started working with me on your own unique experience session! 

What is an experience session?

An experience session is a session that is meant to capture who YOU are in its purest form. From styling to the landscape, we plan a session that will best encapsulate your personality, and/or your loved one(s) personality. It’s the time to capture what’s on the inside through visual storytelling. My desire is to make your story authentically shine through the photos we document.

What do we do at an experience session?

While I know there is a time and place for posed family photos, my philosophy for how to document you doesn’t fit that mold. I feel like the best way to document who you are is when you feel most comfortable. During the process of planning your session, we decide on an activity that will best suit you and/or your family. This could be enjoying pizza on the beach, or hiking with your pups. It could mean flying kites or going camping in the woods. Any activity that is going to make you feel most like yourself is the goal. 


Who can do an experience session?

My experience sessions are designed for couples, families, mothers, fathers, and mom-to-be’s. There isn’t a restriction on who it’s meant for! 

What’s the booking process?

If you are interested in booking an experience session, here are the next steps. One, fill out my contact form. From there we will set up a zoom call or coffee date to discuss details further + start planning, then we will continue the planning and styling process prior to your date. You will have access to my extensive client wardrobe with an in-person try-on option if you are local to Brentwood, California. 


To make it official, I require an initial deposit and signed contract to book! 


If you are in the Bay Area, and looking for a San Francisco family photographer, or a maternity photographer, I would love to work with you! Head on over to my contact me page to get started. 

bay area family photographer
Bay Area Photographer - Discover my experience sessions on the blog!


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